Söpö tyttö soittaa viulua

Welcome to Vuomu!

The Vuosaari Music Institute provides music education in traditions of Western classical music and Rhytm music.

Under the tuition of our highly educated and experienced teachers people of all ages and musical backgrounds can improve their skills and enjoy music as a hobby!

There are no entrance exams at The Vuosaari Music Institute. Studentplaces are filled in order of enrollment.

Early Childhood Music Education

Early childhood music education (“muskari”) includes Music Play School groups ages of 0 – 6 years.

Music Play School provides carefully planned musical play session that bring joy for children and their parents, support the development of the child. It gives a solid base for future music studies.

Instrumental Music Studies

Instrumental Music Studies follow the national curriculum of Basic Education in Arts offering individual studies in the chosen instrument or singing. The Vuosaari Music Institute offers studies in classical or rhytm music. In violin and pianoclass there is also an opportunity to study with the Suzuki method.

Instrumental music studies begin often at age of 6–9 but when studying with the Suzuki method one can start the studies as early as the age of 4.

Instrumental studies require regular training at home. Thus the involvement and support of the parents is very important.

How to apply

Registration takes place through the Eepos-system (vuomu.eepos.fi)

Registration is binding and reserves a student place for the entire school year. See conditions for canceling a student place in the section Cancellation policies.

You can also start your studies in the middle of the semester. The tuition fee is then calculated according to the remaining lessons in the semester.

Student fees

Semester = fall semester (August-December) OR spring semester (January-May)

Private lesson 30 min   545€
Group lesson / Private lesson 15 min/student 330€
Music playschool / early childhood music education 165€
Instrument loan 50€

Projects (violin groups, Pop/jazz-singing group for children / young people, band)  “Taiteen perusopetuksen kehittämishanke / Helsinki city) 150€


There are 30 teaching weeks in the academic year: autumn semester 15 teaching weeks (including concert week) and spring semester 15 teaching weeks (including concert week). Teaching weeks can include group lessons instead of individual lessons.

At projects there are 13 teaching weeks at autumn semester and 13 teaching weeks at spring semester.

The tuition fee covers private playing or singing lessons, teaching of music composition subjects and concert weeks. In addition, the music institute offers paid additional studies.


Invoicing takes place by e-mail in autumn and spring. The sender of the invoice is the Eepos post 'laskutus@eepos.fi' and the subject is Lukukausimaksu Vuosaaren musiikkiopistosta.

We reserve the right to revise the prices at the beginning of the semesters and academic year.

We ask that you take care of the correctness of the email address and update the changes to Eepos. The minor's invoice is addressed to the email address of the primary g

Cancellation practices


The student place applies to the entire school year, and it does not need to be renewed at the end of the year.

The tuition fee will be charged in full if the cancellation is not made by the deadlines:

Cancellation of a student place for the fall semester by 1st August,
Cancellation of a student place for the spring semester by 1st December.

If the student place is canceled in the middle of the semester, no refund will be paid for the remaining lessons.

Absence from classes does not constitute cancellation. Termination or cancellation of a student place must be reported to the principal terhi.murtoniemi@vuomu.fi  just telling the teacher is not enough.

New students

New students are subject to the same cancellation policies as continuing students. However, it is possible to cancel a new student place after the first lesson, in which case only the price of the trial lesson will be charged.


The teacher is not obliged to hold lessons back if the student is, for example, sick, on vacation, at a school event or has forgotten a lesson. However, in the case of longer periods of illness and other special cases, compensation is always negotiated separately and in advance.

No entrance exam

All ages are welcome

You can start mid-semester